Troot Network Moving House

You know how they say you can tell a lot about a person just by visiting their home? In this case, our goal was to create a joyful, creative, sympathetic & little kooky office for Troot Network. We started with discussing the ways of working at this office, and soon found out that each room needed to be designed for a different purpose. There was a need for a space for ideas to fly sky high and a desire have a spot to concentrate or to talk on the phone, some place to be a bit more serious at times. For Kelkkaprojekti, senses always make the foundation for every discussion. With all this in mind, Troot Network now has an office with 8 different worlds for 8 different purposes. Each of the sections have a dominant colour to go with the athmosphere.Even a scent has been selected  to match. With natural scents, you can change the mood in the room from energetic to calming within minutes, improve efficiency or release stress. It is important to have the scents in balance with other sense stimulants. A scent creates an emotion, it is the hotline to memory!

We were briefed to use as much of the old furniture as possible, so the update of this new office for Troot was mostly created with surfaces and reorganising. What an inspiration to work for enthusiastic team of professionals!

“Working with Kelkkaprojekti offered us more than we could have ever imagined. With a brief mapping Sisse quickly digested our way of thinking and working and brought that in life with her imaginative plans. At the time of this project we we’re internally fully loaded with work, but somehow Sisse & her crew managed to lead the whole process in a way that made it smooth and just delightful for us.” 
Sanna Rousi, Country Manager, Finland

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