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Sense activation station since the summer of 2016. All things creative. At Kelkkaprojekti we do magic and we do elämys. There is something unique about the Finnish word elämys: it is not an experience as it is unique, not possible to copy. You can only live it once and that is what makes it so special. For us, an elämys is created, when all senses are activated. And that is what we are passionate about.

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Some Kelkkastatistics, maybe?

We have been lucky enough to work closely with superb spaces, brands and folk. Our projects are everything from the special spatial designs and interior excitement to corporate events and cool&cosy happenings.

Next one could be yours. Let’s go beyond the usual limits and spark some light to your brand!









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Well, let’s put it straight: we really would like to hear more from you and have a nice little cup of coffee – or maybe a glass of bubbly together. The easiest way is to contact us and then we just make it happen.

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