Habitare Trend Exhibition Signals

Signals is the Official Trend Exhibition of Habitare Design Fair in Helsinki. Third year in a row, Sisse has curated it with Trend Analyst Susanna Björklund. Signals is a multisensory exhibition of interiors and design with four different themes. Signals is mixing design, art, culture, societal megatrends and phenomena. 2018 themes were: Glam, Reneissance, Bare&Pure and Dreamworld.

“I created the concept of Signals in 2014, looking into societal trends and megatrends, visualizing the changes and transforming them into four colourful worlds showcasing visual interior trends. A year later Sisse joined and brought into the annual exhibition concept her multi sensory skills and ability to create interesting spaces. Together 1 + 1 is more than 2. Sisse is fun to work with, very creative yet disciplinary and a hard working professional you can count on, always. Together it has been possible to grow the brand of Signals into something unique.”
Susanna Björklund, trend analyst, journalist and designer

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