IPG Mediabrands Office Interior

IPG Mediabrands was moving several companies under the same roof. Over 1000 sq.m. needed to be filled many desks, chairs, sofas, laptops and busy people. Challenge was to bring old furniture from different locations and combine that with something new. The space had a very rough, factory type feel to it. With some pastel colours, soft materials and natural wood, the space turned into cozy yet dynamic home for the new IPG Mediabrands.
“Sisse worked as Interior Architect in our new IPG Mediabrands office renovation project last autumn. As a co-worker she is very inspiring person; full of great ideas, good energy and sophisticated sense of different atmospheres and colours. She took good care of our project with “clients first” attitude. It was a pleasure to work with her in this project – looking forward to new ones.”
Minna Toivola, COO at Virta Mediacommunity

Privacy Preference Center