Party Like a Finn August 2019

Party Like a Finn is already in our DNA. This concept always happens with something old, something new, something recycled and something surprising! This time our party-goers were the joyful crowd of Business Finland. We invited them to enjoy the magical forest with us and by the looks of it, these people knew how to have a good time! Flower workshop by @arteflos had the most creative clientele and the queue for the @photobooth was longer than in front of Tavastia on a Saturday night.

Dance floor was packed all evening, thanks to a great band put together by Lasse Sakara. Nobody dances with an empty stomach, delicious food delivered with a smile was naturally created by Osafoods.

Party Like a Finn concept created a joyful feeling among our employees. During the evening I got several comments how people were inspired of the  feeling of nature and visual beauty that was created for us . We were truly thankful for this experience!  Laura Ylä-Sulkava, Executive Director, Br&Administration, Business Finland

Privacy Preference Center