Studio Home in Helsinki

It is not common for a Finnish man to wish for strong, playful colour combinations and bold contrasts. Luckily I got a brief like that last spring. Together with the homeowner, we transformed this city home with high ceilings, large yard and great location into a stylish new home for this small family.

Kelkkaprojekti’s brief was to update the shades and surfaces of this apartment. Entrance turned to a calming lavender colour, giving a subtle contrast to white coat & shoe racks. Living room walls are now a greige background for bold navy kitchen and furniture mostly from the previous home. The old glass-brick kitchen island seems to have gotten a new life with new surroundings and looks really fresh. One of the largest elements in this home, is the bookshelf that covers an entire wall. This was made out of old Lundia parts and now holds all of the precious books and drawings.

I had hoped for a colourful and “refreshing” flat where I would be able to spend my time comfortably (especially important during Covid-pandemic) and where my son would also feel comfortable. That is exactly what I got. I had a good working relationship with Sisse and felt my ideas and wishes where taken into account. I’m very happy with the end result. 

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