Midnight Sun Workshop Finland

Midsummer magic was again in the air when Party Like a Finn guests took over Tampere-talo stage. Something unique was about to happen: never before has this amazing stage hosted a garden party with long tables and twinkly lights. The bubbly group of guests from all over the world, were surprisingly guided through dark backstage hallways only lit with candles. The moment they stepped onto the stage and saw this beautiful auditorium and realised they were actually the real act of this evening, was breath-taking also for us!

Laughs, songs, hugs & cheers filled this space while Lasse Sakara’s band was playing also unpredictably where normally the audience should be, and the talented army of Tampere-talo catering was serving delicious dinner.

After this, we invited the guests to pimp their party outfits with some flowers & greens straight from the table and did they ever! The most innovative “lavatanssi”- looks were created! Our florist partner Elina & her team from Arteflos could not have planned this better. This joyful gang then continued the evening at the midsummery Lavatanssit-party that we created for them in Tampere-talo Sorsapuistosali, where drinks were paid with pine cones – naturally 🙂 .

The Moomins joined the party later on and hundreds of pictures were taken with these lovely residents of the famous valley. One of the main attractions, in addition to the crowded dance floor energised by the superb band with many instruments, was the leather strap station. Hidden inside the green birch “forest” and done in cooperation with the local design company Pihka, we had designed a leather strap, where you could choose to print a funny Finnish sentence – Juhannusyön taikaa!  The printing was done by the guests themselves and placed on the stylish leather strap, which this time holding the cute cone bag (serving later as key ring perhaps?) made out of locally designed fabric, which had imaginary images of forest animals on it.

Thank you Visit Tampere & Visit Finland, summer was crazy in Tampere that night!

”The cooperation with Sisse and Heidi worked extremely well in every aspect. They are truly professionals with lots of creativity. Sisse and Heidi have an eye for visual details that gives the final ”polish” to a successful outcome. We are looking forward to working with you again guys!” Mira Mäkelä, Account Manager, Sales, Tampere-talo


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