Party Like a Finn - Visit Finland VIP event during the Helsinki Travel Expo 2020

When darkness falls in the autumn, the Finns fight it with candles and seasonal lighting. In the summer, we have the midnight sun and with it, endless warm nights. This is why the theme for the Party Like a Finn was “Into the Light”! The exciting premiere for this theme was in January, during Helsinki Travel Expo.

Our main idea for the party was to greet our party goers with as much light and twinkle as possible, during the darkness of January. First they got to walk through a dark misty forest path where the Visit Finland fairies and elves placed a flower crown on everyone’s head. The guests were very surprised by this  “crowning” of all participants with green and flowery items, and the atmosphere+ambiance were immediately raised to a new level –… what a feeling! Guests were invited to pimp these flower crowns to the next level with our lovely long-term partner Arteflos. Arteflos was again responsible for the green side of this deLightful party.

The huge sparkling chandelier made of reflectors was the centre piece of this evening in the party space. The traditional reflector, used for personal safety, is a Finnish invention and it’s prism accuracy is unlike anything else in the world! It is mainly used for human visibility for road safety, but for this special night, we wanted to push it’s optics to create some memorable bling & sparkle in a form of a chandelier to add to the unique feeling at the evening celebration. Needless to say, the usual suspects: cones, live and green spruce trees with great smell, birch stools and flowers were all also present.

Party is nothing without friends: Lovely Lasse Sakara stepped on stage with his brilliant band… and boy what a stage it was! We wanted to test something different this time regarding the stage and Lasse’s crew was ready to make our wishes come true. The stage was lit from every angle and lured the dance floor to be full. And what about our friends in the kitchen, the Osa Food Design crew? Nothing less than joining us in creating a huge and delicious dessert wall! From far, it looked like a green wall, but getting closer, one could notice the delicious small treats and sweets attached to the wall, ready to be picked and enjoyed.

We’ve had the the pleasure of working with Sisse and Heidi on many events. This time again they made amazing in interior design, decoration and the unique theme that flowed through out the venue. Everything worked seamlessly from planning to execution, they even helped us to match the presentation of our food to design. Great to find artistic people who truly make sense. Aki Kinnunen, Chef, Co-Founder of OSA Food Design

Privacy Preference Center