Party Like a Finn, London 2020

Last November it was time for Kelkkaprojekti to take over one of our favourite cities, London! Visit Finland attended the WTM London and Kelkkaprojekti was invited to create yet another Party Like a Finn -event. This time it took place on a yacht by London ExCel. During 2019, our theme for the Party Like a Finn celebrations had been Magical Forest, and this event was no different. And this time, it was even more magical when spruce trees met the twinkling skyline over the River Thames.

The guests arrived to the party space through a gate of pastel coloured flowers and green leaves. While meeting & greeting friends was the main activity, our guests were also excited in getting to know the Finnish nature a bit more closely: All were invited to fill in a small cardboard box with different particles of Finnish forest… and this offered a moment again for every sense. These cute little Sibelius Boxes were then the souvenirs the guests could take home with them and remember this special evening by. The Sibelius Box is a brilliant idea by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. The legend states, that the most famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius, used to carry a match box with him during his travels, packed with bits and pieces of the Finnish forest. This way, he would always be able to sniff the scents, escape for a while and get inspired by his beloved Finnish nature.

And later on the evening by the River Thames, naturally some dancing could not be avoided as the famous and fabulous Lasse Sakara and his band were also present.  London was lovely, as always.

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