Neste Easy Deli automated shopping experience

So proud of this project that kept Sisse busy all spring. Our team consisted of 3 designers, that all represented different angles of looking at it but at the same time, shared a similar vision of what needed to be done. Our client was brave enough to combine 2 agencies (Kelkkaprojekti & San Francisco), that have never worked together and 3 designers (Oona Colliander, Jutta Menestrina, Sisse Collander) that had never met before. Luckily the way of working, stamina & sense of humour were similar.

From all this: countless hours, post-it stickers, pizza boxes and sleepless nights, came a blinging building to Vantaa Siltamäki, that we can now call Neste Easy Deli.

Our focus was on two angles: what are the desired target groups and their needs, and how do we incorporate the location’s heritage & natural elements to the shop. And how do we do all this for every sense, so that we are able to create a memorable experience for each visitor, and at the same time, a landmark?

Designwise the theme we finally chose was wind: energetic, always changing, and the one thing that can be promised every season in Finland. Wind moves the elements of nature and therefore creates an ever-changing art piece whatever the weather. Nature in all its forms is also in our client’s brand values.

Neste Easy Deli sparkles in the glare of car lights passing by, or when the rays of sun hit the sides of the building.

All materials are manufactured as ecologically & nearby as possible. Natural wood (Tammiston Puu) gives something for every sense: it is calming to look at, brings natural scents and feels comfortable and warm to touch.

Idea was to bring a home-like, cozy feeling about a shop that is unmanned. Large windows show the natural wood from inside and make the shop feel inviting, as well as makes it easy to see the selection already when entering. Safe atmosphere is important also inside the shop, this way it is easy to see who is coming and how the dog left outside is coping ūüôā
Rakensimme Nesteelle ensimm√§isen tai oikeastaan koko maailmaan ensimm√§isen automaattikaupan huoltoasema ymp√§rist√∂√∂n. Sisse & co teki upeaa duunia suunnittelussa ja designissa. Easy Deli on sek√§ todella tyylik√§s ett√§ toimiva tila jossa asiakkaiden helppo asioida. Isoille toimijoille on t√§rke√§√§ l√∂yt√§√§ ketter√§ kumppani ja sellainen l√∂ydettiin”
Jukka Peltoniemi, Head of Marketing at Neste (Baltics & Northwest Russia)



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