Habitare Trend Exhibition Signals 2022

Signals is the Official Trend Exhibition of Habitare Design Fair in Helsinki. Again Sisse was curating this exhibition with Trend Analyst Susanna Björklund. Signals is a multisensory exhibition of interiors and design, this year with three different themes. Signals is mixing design, art, culture, societal megatrends and phenomena. What an emotional journey to be able to finally bring all our thoughts and ideas live, after having to cancel Signals at the last minute for two years in a row, because of the pandemic.

Signals is a lifestyle, that is present almost all year round. The work we do with Susanna and the production team is only shown to the public for 5 days, but brings together hundreds of people we like to call the Signals family. Happy and proud to be part of it!

Themes for 2022 were: Safety, Genuine&Meaningful and Magic.

SAFETY The sense of security has been shaken in general. The atmosphere and ambience of our homes has become even more vital. A cozy nest with plenty of soft textiles, and interesting surface patterns in furniture feels now better than for a long time. Beautiful things increase our well-being, research says.

GENUINE & MEANINGFUL Sustainability is everyone’s business. Responsible consumption is on the rise – fortunately. Our values have changed. As a counterbalance to digitality, genuine materials, gritty, life-flavored shapes, crafts, homemade art, and folklore feel fresh. Embroidery pops up in unusual places.

MAGIC Not everything can be explained by reason – fortunately. We miss the magic, and untamed nature is good for the mind. Designers develop new sustainable materials with the courage of a child. As a counter-trend to austerity, furniture now features playfulness, asymmetry, and unusual combinations of materials.


Habitare’s official trend exhibition Signals is “a thing” that people talk about, a driving force that attracts people to visit the fair, an inspirational bath for many inside and outside the design field. Signal’s two most important matters for Habitare are, that it communicates much deeper phenomenons from our global society than just the latest colour on pillow cushions. It should communicate important movements with a simplified and inspirational language. Many of today’s phenomenons and trends in society and the environment are based on challenging changes and situations, serious threats and movements around all of us. Signals filtrates and curates the most relevant from these topics into one annual exhibition through interior lenses. I hope that all visitors would pay attention to the annual themes of Signals and what do all those beautiful objects, colours, patterns and materials tell us. Especially – how we can make an impact with our daily choices towards better tomorrow. Laura Sarvilinna, Creative Director, Habitare design, interior and furniture fair

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