A Happy Day in Finland - concept for Visit Finland Travel Week in Tokyo Metsä Pavilion

From a Distance! Metsä Paviljonki, built alongside The Finnish Embassy in Tokyo, was planned to be the home of the Finnish Olympic Team and host many events during the year. Because of the strangeness of year 2020, these plans had to be altered. Kelkkaprojekti had been selected to create a concept for Visit Finland Travel Week at the Pavilion. Covid-19 changed our plans, we had to create the concept entirely from a distance. With the help of an amazing group of people in a very short time, we were able to build A Happy Day in Finland -path at the Metsä Paviljonki and let our guests enjoy it both live and virtually!

For the week of this event, we moved to a remote mökki location by a lake in Western Finland, and adjusted ourselves to the same time-zone as Japan. At the same time, our visitors in Tokyo got to walk through a day in Finland starting from Lakeland in the morning, continuing to enjoy a day in the Archipelago and finishing the day in the heat of Helsinki night. Our guests were riding a Jopo specially made for this event in Helsinki surroundings, stamping their own sauna linen, crafting flower crowns, dancing with Little My and creating crochet chains for a future project at the Helsinki Biennale. And many more! All this in one hour, without leaving the Pavilion :). Kelkkaprojekti was responsible for the concept “A Happy Day in Finland” -path decoration of the space, activities along the path, signage, overall flow & project management.

Feeling is the same as when coming home from a trip: heart is still pounding from all the excitement, lots of laundry to do, head still a little bit on the wrong time zone and smile on the face thanks to all the new friends made and experiences lived. Kiitos for this experience and trusting us for Visit Finland & Business Finland teams both in Finland and Japan. Kiitos family and friends for support, contacts in Japan and folding endless paper boats. Kiitos especially to our new friends at Foresight Marketing Ltd. in Japan for a magical joined effort!

Happy Day Finland was tourism remote event designed and prepared by Kelkkaprojecti in Finland, but implemented by our team in Japan. However this big challenge caused by Coronavirus pandemic brought us unexpected joy to work with Heidi and Sisse. We were always impressed with their professionalism and creativity with good taste. Everything was carefully planned and went so smoothly. We can’t thank enough to Heidi and Sisse and expect to work with them again. CEO (Mr.)Shigeyoshi Noto, Foresight Marketing Co.,Ltd.

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