World Ideas Week 2024

Kelkkaprojekti was invited to visualize and spice up 2 events of the Business Finland internal World Ideas Week in May 2024. Process started many months before, crystallizing within the team, how the key words Future, Inspiration, Happiness & Together, could be translated into visual elements and moments to be inspired by. Naturally, as 600+ people are present, logistics and people flow are the first things to think about. During the seminar day, efficiently colour coded groups were guided by a crew of Happy Helpers, who with their walkie-talkies and cow bells made sure no-one was lost in the corridors and we stayed on schedule throughout the seminar day.

Early on, we decided that this event will have a voice of its own: witty, informative, inspiring. During these two days, visitors could find little notes, small gestures and conversation tips all around the 2 event spaces, Hotel Clarion and Pikku Finlandia.

On the second day, Pikku Finlandia showed its best sides as a location, as the warm evening sun sparkled thru the windows and our guests were able to enjoy the sunny summer night outside, jamming along with the band, chatting with friends and making new ones.

We are happy by nature, and because of it – in the core of everything we do, is reusing as much as possible. With a creative mind and a little bit of magic dust, unforgettable moments are created for every sense, sustainably.
Kelkkaprojekti was happy to get some help from a professional florist team led by @marialvisualising and @elinafreelancer. And naturally @kers.ti was part of the team, as well as Kelkkaprojekti Ninja Crew from pm to am hours.

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